Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward

Lover Revealed  - J.R. Ward

Lover Revealed is about Butch having a whole lot of issues to deal with. First off, he loves Marissa, but feels like he can't be with her because he's not worthy, not a vampire, and oh yeah he thinks she doesn't want him. Then at one point things get sort of straight with her. Things go bad again when Marissa is banished from her house by her brother, and forced to live with the brotherhood. 

With all of this drama going on Marissa and Butch are still trying to find how to be together with all of their problems, and everything else going on. 

I have to say I had a hard time liking this one. And It's only a three star for a few reasons. I really liked what happened to Butch in the end, and I loved the HEA. Not only that, I loved finding out at the very end more information about Butch's family. 

Other than that I really couldn't stand Marissa through out most of the book. I felt like she treated Butch pretty crappy. Then I hated the whole together, not together every five seconds thing. It drove me nuts. And the whole weird connection between "V" and Butch bugged me as well. Plus it was never really explained why they were like that to begin with. 

So over all I must say this book was only okay. It's probably my least favorite one of this series so far. I was very frustrated with it at times, and just wanted to stop reading it. But then I knew I had to know what happened so I could read the next book. I hope the next one will be much better than this one.