Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

Lover Mine  - J.R. Ward

Lover Mine is the story about John, and Xhex. Well sort of anyways. To me it felt like there wasn't enough of them. It seemed to be a whole lot more of stupid "Lesh" and others of the brotherhood. I loved John and Xhex together, and I really did like this book. I just wish there had been more of just them. 

John is still upset about Xhex getting kidnapped, and the whole brotherhood is still searching for her. It's been weeks and most are already thinking she's dead... But John doesn't want to give up. He know's she's his female, and he just wants her back. 

Xhex hates what she's been going through and she feels like there is no escape in sight. But the brotherhood finds her, and she manages to escape her hell for the past weeks. But things don't go so smoothly after that. She and John are having a semi relationship with her trying to push him away as well. Not only that but they still have to go after the jerk who took her to begin with.

Through out the whole book I feel like we see too little of John and Xhex. But we do see some of Darious' past, and in the end we find out what all of those past times had to do with the story. Then there is also the stuff with the "ghost hunters." I have to say I actually hated that these two things were in the book. It really drove me nuts, and I got some what bored with it. But in the end it made sense, still frustrated me to have to deal with that. 

I am looking forward to the next book because of Phaine. I think she will be awesome, and I'm super excited about her story!