Kissing In Cars by Sara Ney

Kissing In Cars - Sara Hassinger Ney

Kissing In Cars begins with Molly sitting in class waiting for the day to end. She's just ready to go home until she feels someone staring at her. When she looks up she catches Weston staring at her. The local hockey star who doesn't "date" or have "girlfriends." So Molly isn't sure what to think, but she knows she doesn't want to deal with any of that. And Weston who is just now noticing how beautiful Molly is doesn't know how to react to her either, but he knows he wants to ask her out. And this may pretty much be only the second date he's ever been on, but he knows Molly is different from all the other girls. And Molly doesn't understand Weston he acts one way, then another in front of others so she's just not sure what he wants. These two take journey through friendship and more that has parents, and friends butting into their relationship, and Weston doesn't handle that so well.

This book was really good. I loved the plot line, and I also loved the characters. Weston isn't exactly your typical "bad boy." Mainly because almost all the stuff that has been said about him isn't true, and if it is true it's not for the reasons people think. He's completely focused on hockey, and while he's not been a monk he hasn't really dated anyone before, and he doesn't know how to deal with that. Then there is Molly who is seriously awesome. I felt like she was actually "real" though out the book. Because she wasn't some super sweet nice girl who only gave it up to the guy she loved. She actually did things before Weston, and to me it just made her more likable. I also felt like she was really mature for her age, and I loved her and Weston together. Now I wish I could read more about them. Oh well, I highly recommend this book if your into young adult romance!