Rogue Descendant by Jenna Black

Rogue Descendant - Jenna Black

As the third book in this series begins we see Nikki is trying to get her relationship with Jamaal back to something that resembles friendship.. She wants more but it's looking like things aren't going her way. Not only that but Anderson's ex-wife is giving Nikki all kinds of problems. Then there is the fact that she has to deal with some fire bug setting fire to the places she once called home, and killing a few innocents along the way. Then there is Jamaal's tiger who wants a piece of her as well. So Nikki has a whole lot of craziness going on along with trying not to let the guilt eat at her. 

I really liked this one. I thought it was a whole lot better than the second book. Now I'm kind of wanting Nikki to have a major love interest.. But I see that there could be a few twist and turns when it comes to that. Not only that but the ending of this book just leaves us in major suspense... OMG I couldn't believe it just ended like that. Now I'm super excited for the next book!! I can not wait! This book was really good. The writing was awesome, and I loved all of the characters. I just wish that there was a tad bit more of romance going on but I get why there isn't. Still I will be excited when Nikki finally gets with someone!