On the Edge by Ilona Andrews

On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews

On the Edge begins with Rose being a poor Edger. She lives in a place that is almost like a go between the Broken world, and the Weird. Basically human place, and a magic place. The Edge is a place that still has people with magic just not has strong as people from the Weird, but they aren't as weak as people from the Broken. Rose has two little brothers that she takes care of since her mother is dead, and her father is gone. The only other family she has is her grandmother. But when trouble comes to the Edge Rose finds herself with a whole lot more people depending on her. Not only that but she meets a man from the Weird who claims to be royalty and wants to marry Rose.. Now she has to deal with all of this while still trying to make money to live.. She never knew her whole life would change in a just a few short weeks but for better or worse it does.

I really liked this book. I thought it was really good. I just sort of wish there was a little bit more to it than that. I felt like there was a whole lot of explaining about the worlds than there was actually plot line. I enjoyed Rose and Declan. They are an awesome couple, and very funny together. I also really loved the ending. Now I just wish the story would have continued with these two instead of others. I'm a little bit disappointed because of that. I also liked the fact that the story was in different people's point of views. Especially when it came to Jack and George. They were very awesome little kids, and it was very interesting to see things through their point of views.