Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews

Magic Burns begins when Kate is offered a chance to do a quick and easy job with Jim. But little did she know this easy job would turn into something not so easy... Now she has to find a guy who can just disappear in thin air. And help a little girl find her mother. But along with all of this she also as to deal with Curran the beast lord, and his weird ways. Kate has a whole lot to deal with in this book, but she does her hardest to make everything right. 

Magic Burns was very good. We learn a lot more about what Kate actually is, and some of her powers. And we also learn a few strange things about the beast lord, and his attention to Kate. I really enjoyed this one, and now I look forward to more in this series. I loved how this one explained so much more about Kate, I still have questions about her. And about the beast lord, but I hope all of that will be answered soon in the next few books!