Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

Dreamfever  - Karen Marie Moning

Mac has been captured by the Lord Master and Unseelie princes. They are hurting her greatly, and if she makes it out alive she will be forever changed. No one came to save her. No one. Until Dani, the thirteen year old kid who seems to better at most things than everyone else around. 

After being saved from more torture, Barrons takes Mac from the abby to try to help her not be what she is. Along the way they seem to form a strange relationship. I'm not sure if they actually care about each other or not, but sometimes it seems that. Then other times it seems like Barrons really is using Mac for a purpose she's not even sure of. 

This one was really good! The ending is a major major cliffhanger, and I'm going to the next book asap. I can not believe what happened. I was like Oh my god, you can not be serious. It seriously ended that way ugh. This series is still really good, and I can't wait for more.