Priceless by Shannon Mayer

Priceless (A Sexy Urban Fantasy Mystery) - Shannon Mayer

Priceless begins with Rylee Adamson having to take a new case trying to find the missing child. Rylee isn't a normal investigator. She is what's called a Tracker she has special abilities that help her find missing people, mainly children. But Rylee also has a past that wasn't all that great and because of that she has one FBI agent on her tail trying to pin down some of these missing kids on her. But everything changes when Rylee has people after her to keep her from finding the child. Now all of her friends are out to help her, and she may even make some new friends along the way.

I really did like the book, and I thought it was good. I just had a few problems with it that bugged me but other than that it was awesome. I loved Rylee, and O'Shea. They have awesome chemistry, and a love/hate relationship. Then there is all of Rylee's crazy friends. I do mean crazy. She's got a werewolf, witch, and more.. And she makes new ones along the way. I think the main reason this book bothered me was I didn't like Milly. I felt like a lot of the stuff that had to do with here wasn't explained very well. Then on top of that I couldn't stand the way she treated Rylee. I don't think she's a good person let alone a good friend. And then the ending with Milly and O'Shea.. I didn't really get that either.. So now I'm excited about the next book, but I really hope Milly doesn't have a huge part in it!