The Soul Mate by Madeline Sheehan

The Soul Mate - Madeline Sheehan

The Soul Mate begins with us getting to see how Trinity lives since the world ended. She lost her whole family and now lives with a group of gypsies. Brought her by the man she thinks she has feeling for she has learned how to fit it as well as she can. But things start going a little crazy when she find out that Gerik might be using magic to make her feel a certain way. And he also seems to have relationships with another woman too. So Trinity does her best to fight this and she finally gets help by making a new friend in Xan. But things aren't always as they seem, and Trinity has a lot to learn about the people she's now living with. 

I thought the story was interesting at first. But there was a whole lot thrown in it that just frustrated me. There's almost like a love triangle type thing going on and I still don't know which guy I want her to be with. I liked them both then hated them both so I was very conflicted. The only other thing that bugged me besides the semi cheating was it felt really rushed and fast paced. But now I am curious about the next book as well