Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

Throne of Glass begins when Celaena is giving the opportunity to compete for a chance to be the King's Champion. In order to do that she must train, and complete tasks against her opponents to win! Not only does she have to do this but she also has to keep the fact that she's a notorious assassin a secret from everyone she meets. Then there are also the royal court side to things, that are just boring to Calaena. She also has a new friend that's a princes. And she has the captain of the guard, and the prince trying to get with her.. It's a long journey, but she knows she must win to gain her freedom!

This book was good. I loved the first half. Then the second half sort of through me for a loop. I was excited about the "magic" touch that was added to the book. But I was also frustrated because I never really understood which man Calaena really wanted to be with. Because it was never really stated how she felt about either of them. So I'm still sort of confused about that. Other than that the rest of the book was very enjoyable, and I can see this as an awesome start to a great series!