His Mortal Angel by Jinni James

His Mortal Angel - Jinni James

This book begins with Erika's friend getting taken right in front of her. But she wasn't taken by a human, no it was something much worse. Now months later she's doing everything in her power to find her friend, and she's not going to give up. Zaid is out hunting rogue immortals, and he's been keeping tabs on Erika for last few months. He's actually fallen for her even though he's never met her directly. Zaid knows she's going to get hurt if he continues trying to find her friend. So when warning her off doesn't work he tells her everything, and then helps her find her friend. But it may not be so simple now that he's helping.. 

I liked the story, but I just hated how I didn't really feel any type of connection between Erika and Zaid. It just seemed like "poof" they loved each other, yet they didn't really even know each other. This was seriously frustrating. Then the other thing that bugged me was the ending. I felt like there was a lot left to be answered that wasn't. For a short story the book was okay. And I am glad I got to read it.