Covet by J.R. Ward

Covet - J.R. Ward

Covet begins with meeting Jim, Vin, and Marie-Teresa. Jim actually works at a construction site building a house for Vin. And Marie-Teresa has several secrets she's hiding, and working as a "dancer" at the Iron Mask bar. These three people don't realize it yet, but destiny is about to knock them on their butts. When Jim has a freak accident, and sort of dies. He's told that he has to help Vin make a choice in his life. Vin has to make the right choice in order for the Angels to prevail. If Jim doesn't succeed then the world will be over as they know it. Jim has a mission to save Seven souls, and Vin is just the first. 

Covet was very good. It has a very unique story line, and lots of wonderful characters. The writing was awesome as well. The only thing I wish could have been changed was to add a little bit more romance to it. But other than that it has a little bit of romance, lots of action, and tons of drama. I do look forward to more in this series. And I hope that by the time it's done that Jim gets his HEA. I felt sort of bad for him through out the book, his life was so sad.