Blood Politics by Helen Harper

Blood Politics - Helen   Harper

I am seriously in love with this series! And it just keeps getting better and better! 
This book is about Mack getting settled back into life. She is helping a friend open her book store, and she's trying not to play favorites with the Mages, Shifters, and Fae. That becomes hard when they are following her around all the time. 

Things change when she needs to help some other otherworld creatures. She decides to do this on her own, but ends up getting some help anyways. 
A lot of stuff happens in this book. Mack finally realizes things about Corrigan that she didn't know. Like how he felt about her. And she learns some things about herself as well. 

The ending was truly heartbreaking. I couldn't believe what happened, and then I was so surprised that it ended. I can not wait for the next book now. It is going to kill me to have to wait for it. But I really want to know what's going to happen. And I really hope that Mack can get everything back on track.