Bloodfire by Helen Harper

Bloodfire - Helen   Harper

Bloodfire is a truly awesome paranormal story. It is about a human girl who was raised by shape shifters. 
One day though the alpha, and the only father Mack has ever known is murdered. 
Now the big bad shape shifter bosses are coming to town to investigate, and to appoint a new alpha. The problem is, they can't find out Mack is human. So she has to appear to weak, and meek. That is extremely hard for her considering her personality. 
Lots of things start to unfold though, and she starts to get their attention even though she doesn't want it. 

This book is an awesome paranormal book. It has lots of different kinds of shape shifters, and other creatures as well. The main character is an alpha type of female who doesn't take crap from anyone. 

The only thing that bugged me wast he ending. It just leaves you wanting more. Which I guess is good, and bad because I do not want to wait for the next book at all. :)