Zoey Rogue by Lizzy Ford

Zoey Rogue (Incubatti Series) (Volume 1) - Lizzy Ford

Review Copy:

Zoey Rogue begins with Zoey being a Hunter in the Sucubatti society. She is one of the best, but she has major authority issues. Her whole world crashes when Declan, the "enemy", becomes her soul-mate. Meaning they need each other even if they don't want it. Zoey doesn't want to deal with this, but Declan isn't giving her a choice. As these two start to form their bond, others are out to tear them apart. 

I LOVED this book. The story was wonderful. It was written perfectly, and it kept me constantly entertained with Zoey. Zoey is a fierce, brave, loyal and amazing women. And Declan is just as awesome. Add that with the awesome side characters, and you get the perfect story. The only bad thing about the book was the end. It wasn't really a cliffhanger, but I'm still dying to know what happens next. I can not wait for the next book!