The Two Kings by Stephanie Hudson

The Two Kings: Afterlife Saga (Volume 2) - Stephanie Hudson

This is the continuation of the exact day that Afterlife ended, and now The Two Kings begins. I didn't really have much hope for this novel because I was so disappointed with the first one. And in the beginning there really isn't much difference from the first one when it comes to the writing style. However I do not like the fact that Keira has changed so much, it's like her personality did a complete one eighty, and not in a good way. I really thought she was a lot less shy than the was she acts in this one. And again like I've said before the romance just went way to quickly, and now it seems to go even more quickly. But at least in this one you have more conversations between Keira and Dominic than in the first one and that is a good thing! 
There were a few things that happened in this book that I really felt held no meaning to the story line. Like some of the stuff that happened between Keira and Vincent, just didn't make a lot of sense to me, and I thought really didn't need to be in the book it just took up time, and held no meaning. I was seriously frustrated with this book because Keira and Dominic just kept going back and forth, constantly arguing it was driving me crazy! 
And the ending has a cliffhanger. I really just didn't like this book at all, it seemed too long and drawn out with different things that had no meaning to the actual story. I will not be continuing this series, because I just ended up not liking it at all!