Dance the Moon Down by R.L Bartram

Dance the Moon Down - R.L. Bartram

Review Copy
Dance The Moon Down begins is about Victoria. She's a young woman who just wants to attend university during the early 1900's. After her parents granter her permission she spends the next few years there, until she meets the man of her dreams Gerald. After a year of a secret relationship these two decide to marry. But they never thought once they actually got married all of the problems they would face. Soon after their marriage, the war began and Gerald volunteered to go fight. Shortly after joining he goes missing and Victoria sets out to do what she can to figure out what has happened to her husband. This book shows how the hardships that some woman faced during the times of war back in that time period. We get to see the span of several years in Victoria's life, and how she grows, and changes with everything else around her. 

This book was very very very good! I really enjoyed it. At first I wasn't really sure what to think, and I was slightly confused with how the book started. But once I got into it a little bit it just got better and I could not put it down. I loved Victoria's character. She was truly amazing. And all of the side characters were just as awesome too. The book has a beautiful ending. But I have to say I cried several times through out this book. To me it was horrible sad at times, but it made me admire Victoria all the more for everything she had to go through. I look forward to more by this author now as well.