Slow Ride by Kat Morrisey

Slow Ride - Kat Morrisey

Slow Ride begins when Kyla's precious mustang breaks down in the middle of nowhere... Well not really, it breaks down in a very small town that has a whole lot of crazy stuff going on with the local police chief. But when a sexy man comes to help her, Kyla's ready to tell him to hit the road until he says he's the only mechanic in town. Now she has to figure out how to come up with the money to take care of her car, and figure out with to do about the mechanic Cooper. 

Cooper sees Kyla and instantly knows there is something about her that gets under his skin. So now he wants her to stay in town as long as possible to try to explore what he knows they have between them. He offers Kyla a job to help pay off the repairs for her car, and she accepts. These two then share a beautiful romance, that gets interrupted by outsiders who do not want them to be together. 

This book was very good! I really enjoyed the story line. And the characters were awesome as well. I only have a few complaints and one is there were a few instances when something was explained and it happened a certain way to the character, but then a little bit further in the book that was explained again but completely different this time around. This happened a few times, not often but a few. And then the other thing was it felt like a lot of conversations were repeated, especially in the beginning. And that was just frustrating. It felt like Cooper said the same thing to Kyla quite a few times in the book. But other wise the book was awesome! And I thoroughly enjoyed it.