A Novel Obsession by Mr. Jeff Joseph

A Novel Obsession (The Novel Series) - Mr Jeff Joseph

Received review copy from author for an honest review.

A Novel Obsession begins with us getting to know a little bit about Abby Lane. We learn she is obsessed with books, and has some what of a crush on the famous author Daniel. Not only that she seems to old every man she dates up to the standards she thinks he is. Now while Abby doesn't really believe she does that her best friend Jules seems to think other wise. And when the new guy in town shows a small interest in Abby, Jules is bound and determined to bring Abby, and him together. But she may not be all in the right when everything is all said and done..

Through out the book we see it in many different peoples point of views. That made it much more interesting, and also made us realize who the bad guy is a little fast. There are several creepy men in this book in my opinion. I didn't really like very man of them except maybe Daniel.. Like Rick, and Beau for instance. They were both on my creep-o-meter.. Seriously they both were slightly crazy. Other than that I liked the other characters. Even though Jules got on my nerves at times, especially because I thought she was kind of a hypocrite even if she didn't really realize she was being one. So I really loved Abby in this book. She was an extremely strong willed character who wasn't afraid to admit what she like and who she was up front. So i have to say I liked the book it was a very interesting story. But I wouldn't exactly call it great. There were many things that bugged me about it also. Like the ending. It really just leaves us hanging with really nothing at all resolved.. It frustrated me! But I do hope Abby gets her HEA eventually.