Dark Remnants by L.K. Hill

Dark Remnants (Street Games) - L.K. Hill

Review Copy:
Dark Remnants begins with Kyra/Tanya/Supra going "undercover" to get to the dangerous gang "the Sons of Ares." Her little brother is missing, and she knows he was in the gang so now she's going all out to find him. But when she's out on the street one day, and hears that the gang knows about a police bust and plans on taken all the cops out she knows she has to contact someone.

Gabe Nichols is a homicide detective who is going to be in on a raid that night, and on his way outside he gets stopped by a strange woman. This woman tells him that their raid is an ambush, and it will turn into a blood bath if they don't call it off. Gabe's not sure what to do about the woman but when he tries to get her into the police station she bolts. Now Gabe must inform his boss about this information. Little did they all know that this information would save their lives...
Now Gabe can't get that woman out of his head. And Kyra is having an equal time focusing on her mission, when there are so many other things happening like a murder, and kidnapping...

These two sort of join forces to help catch the buy guys in this awesome crime drama.

I LOVED this book. It had suspense, a hot guy, a strong, brave, fierce woman, and a whole lot of danger. The writing was perfect. And not only do we get to see the "main" case in this one, but their are a few other cases that could lead us to other books in this series. I'm very much looking forward to more in this series, and seeing more of Gabe, and Kyra!