Maddy's Star by Kate Rosebrook

Maddy's Star (Wishing Star Book 1) - Kate Rosebrook

Review Copy
Maddy's Star begins with Maddy on her way back to the town she left behind so many years ago. It holds the key to when she met her best friends Kara, and Grace. And also when all three friends decided to make three wishes with a "wishing star." Now as Maddy's back to stay for good strange things start happening to her. She's seeing messages about how she shouldn't be there. And she keeps seeing people who are suppose to be dead. Not only that she and her friends all feel like it is something to do with the wishing star. Now all three of them are working hard to figure out what's going on. Along the way they include Riley, Grace's brother, and his friends Elliot and Nathan. Riley also has feelings for Maddy, so this book adds some romance in with all of this wishing star business. 

I have to say over all the book was okay. I loved the story that was very good. And all of the characters were awesome. Well except I didn't really care for Grace too much. But other than that I did like reading it. It was a fun, easy read that was written very well. I just felt like something was missing when I read it. Other than that I did like the book, and I may continue reading more in this series as well.