A Bad Boy is Good to Find by Jennifer Lewis

A Bad Boy is Good to Find - Jennifer Lewis

Review Copy from NetGalley

This book starts out with Lizzie telling her parents she's getting married. They do not approve of her marriage, but things go south when she finds out her father lost all of there money and may be going to prison. Now when Lizzie goes home to tell her fiance Con, things go from bad to worse when she learns somethings about him she never would have thought possible.

Now with Lizzie's life in shambles, Con feels guilty so he tries to do what he can to help her out. Things get all kinds of messed up with Lizzie comes up with a scheme to get money for her and Con. And Con just goes along with her because he feels guilty.

I have to be honest, I didn't really like the hero, or the heroine at all. It made me dislike the story some as well. I really didn't start to like it till about eighty percent into the book. Then I actually liked what was going on. And I really enjoyed the ending it was sweet! So over all I would say the book was okay. It has an interesting plot line, but I just wasn't feeling it was for me.