Obsession by Debra Webb

Obsession (Faces of Evil) - Debra Webb

Review Copy from author.

This book starts out with Jess Harris coming back to her hometown of Birmingham, when her ex-lover calls her to help with a case of missing girls. Jess doesn't really have much else to do because of her career in the toilet, and she doesn't have a spouse anymore either. So she takes off to help Dan Burnett with the girls who are missing. As they work together they each start feeling things they thought were buried. And as things get more desperate in the case neither of them are sure which way to go to help find these girls.

This book was very good. It has lots of suspense, drama, and a little spark of romance. We also get to see different point of views through out the book as well. I love how at the end of this one it continues to make this a very intriguing series, and I can not wait to read more. I give very high praise for this one! It rocked!