Now or Never by A.J. Bennett

Now or Never - A.J. Bennett

I'm going to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the way the book was written, and I felt that the author did a really good job on it. I personally however had major mixed feelings about it. 

The book starts out with Grayson getting out of an abusive relationship, and going to live with her mother, and be with her family. From there it's kind of like the story takes on a whole new meaning. Because it's not about a girl who is getting out of an abusive relationship. It seems to be more about a girl just trying to find herself, and live her life. And along the way she meets this guy Derick and they start a strange sort of friends with benefits relationship that leads to a whole lot of drama. 

Through out the book I sometimes hated Grayson. I thought she acted very childish sometimes, but at least she was pretty open with what she was doing and how she felt about everything. Derick on the other hand was far from honest, and I seriously didn't like him at all. 

Overall the book was okay. It was a very emotional read, with some crazy romance. And a girl just looking to start over and find herself in life.