Love and Chaos by Elizabeth Powers

Love and Chaos - Elizabeth Powers

Review Copy from author.

This book starts out with Emma going to let Mason, a guy her sister agreed to marry for business, know that her sister is backing out of the deal. So when Mason sees Emma he talks her into marrying him in place of her sister.

Mason is a cold, emotionless man with lots of money. While Emma is a sweet, loyal, warm, caring type of women. These two don't think anything can happen when the come together, but little did they know that feelings would get in the way of their agreement.

Over all I have to say this book was okay. I really loved the characters, and the plot. It was very interesting, and I think "Chaos" through a little extra into it as well. However, at times I did feel a little bit bored with the book. I felt like something was missing. But other than that I really enjoyed it!