Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

Stripped - Jasinda Wilder

Stripped starts out with Grey being a young girl who grew up with a very strict father, and her mother was really the only person she had be there for her. But when her mother dies from cancer, Grey and her father can not seem to be together any longer, so Grey leaves to follower her dreams in L.A.

Grey never knew it would be so difficult to survive. Now it's been two years since she's even spoken with her father, and she's having financially problems with the school. So when the only place left hiring is a strip club, she takes the plunge even though it's killing her inside. But at this horrible club she actually meets a man who could change everything for her, a man she could actually love, and she's terrified.

I really did like the book. It was okay. I liked how Grey and Dawson where together, that was really awesome. And I really enjoyed how the author shows the daily struggle Grey goes through as she's trying to survive but she feels like she's loosing who she is by stripping. This book has lots of drama, and romance! So I do recommend it, and I'm glad I got to read it!