First Position by Prescott Lane

First Position - Prescott Lane

Review copy from author.

First Position is a book about getting a second chance. Emory, and Mason lost each other right before college graduation. Now Mason is in the same town as Emory for football, and he's getting a much needed divorce. He wants a second chance with her. He wants it to be a whole new start, so he ends up keeping secrets from her to protect what they have. 

During this time Emory isn't sure she can trust Mason again. She's also keeping a major secret from him. Even though she gets extremely upset with Mason for keeping her out of things, she still keeps her secret. 

They have to go through lots of trials and drama, but they have a beautiful romance and connection that didn't dim over the years. 

This is a beautiful love story, about second chances, First Position, and secrets. The only thing that really got on my nerves how much of a hypocrite Emery was. She had a major secret that she didn't tell Mason until she seriously had no choice but to tell him. But yet she got very upset with him when he wouldn't tell her things right after they got back together. 
Overall the book was good. I did enjoy reading it. And I thought it was a very sweet love story.