A Veil of Glass and Rain by Petra F. Bagnardi

A Veil of Glass and Rain - Petra F. Bagnardi


Brina and Eagan have been best friends since she was nine, and he was fourteen. But as in a lot of cases things start to change between the best friends. Brina realizes that she has stronger feelings for him, and she doesn't want him to know about it. So she starts to distance herself from him for a long time. 

Then out of the blue Eagan comes back into her life fighting for their friendship. He makes her see how much he wants her, and how much she wants him in return. They have a relationship where they find it difficult to be away from each other. 

This book was good. It has very well written characters. A beautiful romance, with lots of drama. I personally couldn't connect with any of the characters, and I sometimes felt like I was missing something in the story. But other than that I found the book enjoyable.