I, Spy by Jordan McCollum

I, Spy: 1 (Spy Another Day) - Jordan McCollum


Talia Reynolds is a CIA operative. She is having a hard time right now, because her boyfriend Danny is demanding a lot of her time, but so is her job. 
She's always thought that loving someone would jeopardize her job, so she didn't really let herself get to that point. However when bad things start to happen with the Russian's she's not so sure she was right any more. 

This is a wonderful story about a women who has to do some very dangerous things for the CIA, finding out that maybe what she really needs to be fighting for is her boyfriend. 

Talia is a wonderful women who is very good at her job. She is used to taking risks, and now she might be taking one of the biggest she's ever taken. Danny, is also a good guy. We don't really see a whole lot of his personality. But when it really counts he's there for Talia. 

This book has lots of action, drama, and some romance. I love women CIA agents, they rock! And Talia is one of the best. I can not wait to read more. I highly recommend this book, if your into the women is good at kicking butt.