Pink Slips and Glass Slippers by J.P. Hansen

Pink Slips and Glass Slippers - J.P. Hansen


Pink Slips And Glass Slippers was a lot different than what I was expecting. It was good though. I did enjoy reading it!
It starts with Brooke starting a new job after she lots her husband, and old job. She has a new life now and is trying to let go of everything. She meets the CEO of her new company Chase, and its an instant chemistry between them. Except neither one of them will act on it. Chase is apparently still married from what Brooke understands, and he is also her boss so they do not want to cross that line at all. 
The book goes through about 60 % of it just being almost about just Chase, and just Brooke completely separate from each other. Then they actually start having a lot more interaction towards the end. That was the only flaw I really saw in the book. I really wished Chase, and Brooke had more time together, it would have made the book a lot more enjoyable. 
And I really loved everything about the end of it. Parker is an awesome little boy, and I thought he made the book very interesting! I did enjoy this book, and I do recommend it!