Enslaved By The Ocean by Bella Jewel

Enslaved By The Ocean (Criminals Of The Ocean, #1) - Bella Jewel

Enslaved by the Ocean begins when Indigo decides to run from her ex-boyfriend who just got out of jail. See the thing is he was an abusive bastard who hurt her repeatedly until she finally took matters into her own hands and he got caught. Now she's scared he's after her for revenge so she and her best friend Eric decide to end to England on a boat ride. But what they didn't expect was to get captured by honest to God pirates. Seriously! That's what happens, and now Indi might have to be sold, and they both have to do what they have to in order to stay a live. But Indi and the Captain seem to have a strange connection to each other, and things start to progress for them..

I really liked this book. I thought it was very good, and the writing was awesome. The only two things I didn't really like, ok well three things I didn't like were these:

1) Eric.. Seriously I felt like he was a terrible friend to Indi. And towards the end when he just "stands there" seriously. I just don't get him at all. 

2) I liked Indi but then I felt like she acted weak at times. Seriously I thought she was really awesome and hard core one minuet then the next she was kind of weak.. So I don't know she confused me a little bit at times with her personality. 

3) I didn't like how once Indi and Hendrick got together they were like instantly in love. That kinda frustrated me greatly.

But other than these three things this book rocked, and even though the ending was pretty much a cliffhanger it didn't really bother me. I'm looking forward to the next one now like a whole lot!