Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare

Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare

Hard Evidence begins when investigative reporter Tessa goes to a local convenient store to purchase her much needed coffee. But while there a young girl walks in yelling for help, but before Tessa can call the police the girl is gunned down right in front of Tessa. Now Tessa is bound, and determined to bring her killers to justice. She's going to go through hell and back to bring down these people, but she doesn't even realize she could get herself killed along the way.. Not until she meets Julian "the Dark Angel." He's an undercover cop who is close to busting a case he's been working on for a long time. And he now has to keep Tessa safe because she won't keep her nose out of it. He takes "taking care" of her to a new extreme, and the fatal attraction between them isn't good either. Well not exactly good, because he doesn't want long term, and Tessa could seriously lose her heart and soul to this man... 

This book is a wild ride that is extremely enjoyable. I loved it much more than the first book in this series. Tessa is brave, and super smart! And Julian is dangerous, hot, and bossy. These two have a whole lot of chemistry that just shines through out the story. I LOVED how they got together. Tessa knows Julian isn't the forever kind of guy, and yeah she might be falling for him but she knows she's going to enjoy the here and now, and not worry about later. And Julian doesn't know how to deal with his feelings until it's almost too late!! I can seriously say there was only one thing that bugged me and that was towards the end when the bad guy gets taken down, we don't exactly know what happen to him.. That was kind of frustrating other than that thought this book was super awesome. And now I can't wait to read more.(