First Strike by Pamela Clare

First Strike - Pamela Clare

First Strike begins with Javier and Laura meeting in Dubai City. While Javier is on leave for now, Laura is currently working a story. She knows Javier will be leaving to go back to the States very soon, but she doesn't care. They decide two spend a three day weekend with sex with out strings. But some how they both end up feeling a whole lot more for each other, but they thought they had a whole lot of time to figure it out and find each other when they got back to the States. Little did they know they wouldn't have any time at all...

This is a very very short story that I recommend reading before reading Striking Distance. In this story we basically get to see Javier and Laura meet for the first time, and then we find out the horrible news in the ending. This story was okay. I felt like we didn't really get to see any "depth" of emotion from either character. It was all just kind of a spark. Well until the end, then there was major emotion from Javier, but until then I couldn't really feel very much between them. But as soon as I read this one I had to read Striking Distance immediately afterwards. So this is a good "pre read" to the next book!