Giving Chase by Lauren Dane

Giving Chase - Lauren Dane

This story beings with Maggie just breaking up with her boyfriend Sam. She's known for a while that its been over, so now its time to move on. And she runs right into Shane Chase literally.. Shane however is a player and doesn't want to settle down so when his skittishness makes him take off running from Maggie. Kyle, Shane's brother, steps up to the plate. He thinks the way Shane treated her was horrible, and now its his turn to make Maggie his. He's had his eye on her for a while, and he's not about to let her slip away.

I have to say I really enjoyed this book, it was very good. It had a little bit of suspense, lots of drama, and major romance... I love Maggie, and Kyle together. They are perfect for each other. And I was afraid to read the book at first because I thought it would be a love triangle but it didn't end up like that at all, so I was very pleased with it.