Dead Dreams by Emma Right

Dead Dreams - Emma Right

Dead Dreams begins with Brie needing a roommate to help pay for her apartment she just got on her own. She only gets one person to interview for it, and she doesn't do any type of back round check on her before she agrees.

Later on Brie realizes this was a huge mistake. She made several mistakes when it came to her new roommate. Not only is her roommate bringing a whole lot more trouble to Brie's life, but she also may not be at all who she says she is. And Brie may be in for a far worse betrayal.

Wow, I really enjoyed this book. It was super intense, and had tons of suspense. I was constantly trying to figure out what the heck was really going on. I liked Brie in the beginning, but then towards the end I thought she was really dumb. And a lot of the things she was doing got on my nerves. Then the end kind of bugged me, we are still left with so many questions, and really not a whole lot of answers. Other than that I did like the book, it was a very enjoyable read. And the writing was wonderful as well, it made it so much more suspenseful with all of the added "hints" of things to come. I do look forward to see what happens next as well.