The Bones of Others by Vickie McKeehan

The Bones of Others - Vickie McKeehan

This book starts out with Skye Cree being kidnapped as a young girl, then thirteen years later she's out trying to help capture sex offenders in Seattle.
While she's out trying to find them, she saves the life of the local rich game developer Josh Ander.

Josh calls Skye his "avenging angel" and he has an instant attraction, and fascination with her. After she leaves him at his home, he wakes up and realizes he wants to find her. So he looks her up on the internet, and tracks her down. From there a whole new drama happens. Skye and Josh team up to locate the missing girls, while on the side they are each growing feelings for the other.

I have to say over all the book was okay. I had a really hard time deciding if I didn't like it (two star) or it was okay (three star). I decided that because I liked the "gist" of the story that it was okay. But I didn't like some of the "extra" stuff. At first I loved all of the stuff that helped Skye find the missing girls, but then towards the end of the book I just felt frustrated with what happened.

And at the beginning I really didn't care for Josh. I thought he was really whinny, and selfish. I thought Skye could do better than that.
Now Skye is a serious bad@ss. She is super awesome. I loved her character. I won't be reading anymore of these books, but again over it was okay.