A Kiss to Die For by Gail Barrett

A Kiss to Die For - Gail Barrett

This is the second book in the Buried Secrets Trilogy.
This one is about Haley. If you've read the first book then you will know all of the stuff that happened to start causing Haley problems. But now since Brynn seems to be doing good, Haley is the one in danger. And she almost gets killed trying to save a teenage in the line of fire, until a mysterious man comes out and saves them both.

Now that this man who Haley assumed was homeless helped them he is also in danger. So they both are on the run for there lives when they realize someone is put out a hit on Haley, and she's not safe anywhere. They don't know who to trust because the main person behind all of this is has people in the police, and maybe higher than that as well.

As Haley and Sully are on the run for there lives, they find comfort in each other. Haley lets out her demons along the way. And she finds out Sully was actually a solider who is suffering from PTSD and an alcoholic.

While they are trying to stay alive, they find something good in each other, but when it comes down to it can they get past there demons to stay together, or will it push them apart? That is something you must read to find out.

This book was really good. It has lots of suspense, and romance all in one. And I was on edge the whole book trying to figure out "who dun it." I was seriously wrong in the end. I couldn't believe who it actually was, it through me for a loop. And now I'm excited for the next book. I bet that one will be just as good!