Freefall by Traci Hunter Abramson

Freefall - Traci Hunter Abramson

I really enjoyed this book! It was awesome! It starts out with Amy being taken hostage with several other people in the Middle East. She should have listened to her family when the told her not to go, but Amy is pretty stubborn and doesn't like to be told what to do (a quality I loved about her). So the Saint Squad is called into to help rescue the hostages, but things go from bad to worse and Amy and Lieutenant Miller get left behind, so now they have to find away to get out of this country to safety. 

Along this journey Amy and Brent start to form a very close relationship, and attraction to one another. Neither one is really sure if it's because of the situation, or is it their actual feelings involved until the are finally rescued. Once the get out of their current situation they have to help out with another bad situation while Amy decides what to do with her life, and Brent is trying to decide if he should keep up his relationship with Amy knowing his job isn't very safe. 

This book has lots and lots of action, and a sweet romance. It also has a little bit of religion in it, not enough that the whole book was about the religion but just a little bit, like the characters praying and things like that. It didn't get on my nerves or anything when it came to that so that made the book all the more enjoyable. I was seriously captivated by all of the action, and suspense going on around the main characters. And I can not wait to read more. I very much enjoyed this book! :)