Lockdown by Traci Hunter Abramson

Lockdown - Traci Hunter Abramson

This book starts out with Riley having to live through a horrible tragedy, then two years later she's trying to face her fears and help prevent that type of thing from happening again. She has the help of the Saint Squad, and she meets Tristan, it is instantly a connection between these two, and the form a beautiful relationship that I loved! But they will both have to go through a few more horrible things before the realize the magnitude of their feelings for one another. 

This book is really good! I loved it. It also has a lot to do with school shooting, high school and college shootings. It brings up these issue of what are the signs we should be looking for in students who could possibly be potential shooters. It also questions the motive, and the means the person has to do this. This book makes you really wonder what teachers, and other adult figures can do to help prevent these horrible crimes from happening. Bringing in the all of these different aspects, it makes this book so much more enjoyable. I can not wait to read more in this series. I really enjoy this writing style, the author does an excellent job with the emotions of the characters, and everything else in the story.