Out Of Her League by Kaylea Cross

Out Of Her League - Kaylea Cross

Out Of Her League is about Christa a star softball player trying to make it to the Olympic team, until she has to take some time off due to a crazed fan. She and her crush (who is a cop)Rayne, get thrown together when Christa gets several threatening messages from her stalker. They soon realize that he is not going away, and he has sinister plans to harm Christa. Along the way Rayne and Christa start to build a really close relationship with each other that soon turns into more, but they have to go through several obstacles first before they can take the plunge from friends to something more. 
First and foremost is Christa's safety. 
I really enjoyed this book, it was highly suspenseful and exciting. I was on edge trying to figure out what what happen next. However at about sixty percent of the book, the story seemed to change. It was like the author threw in a bunch of extras just to make the story longer, and more enjoyable. But to me it had the opposite affect, I got frustrated with all of the extra stuff, and wanted to just get back to the main story line. Also there were a few instances where there weren't enough details to explain things. Some things were just left hanging because there wasn't enough detail to explain it. 
Overall I give this book a 3 out 5 stars. It could have been so much better, but some aspects just turned me off of the book majorly. So it turned out to be just okay not really great, or bad.