Bare It All by Lori Foster

Bare It All  - Lori Foster

Bare It All begins where the first book in the series left off. Reese's apartment just got messed up from previous police business so now he is staying with Alice until his apartment is fixed. And now his attraction to her is getting worse. He wants her like he's never wanted any other woman. And Alice has finally decided to let someone in. She thinks Reese is finally the man to let that happen. So while these two try to work out a relationship they also have a dangerous threat hanging over them. Alice gets involved with something she probably shouldn't and now she's in danger. Not only that but Reese wants to know about the person who saved her when she was kidnapped. All of these problems create a fun, suspenseful, and romantic story.

Over all the book was good. Not great, but good. I liked Reese, and Alice together they were awesome. And it was nice to see previous characters. The only thing that bugged me was part of Alice's personality. At times she was a little bit frustrating. But other than that I really liked her. Now I know the next book is about Rowdy, but one thing he did in this book rubbed me the wrong way. I mean it wasn't exactly bad, but I thought it was pretty disrespectful to Avery. I still look forward to the next book, but I was slightly frustrated with Rowdy in this one. However, I did like his relationship with Alice. I thought that added a whole lot to the book as well.