Gabe by Lori Foster

Gabe - Lori Foster

Gabe begins when Elizabeth Parks wants to do an interview on Gabe for her "hero" thesis she's doing for school. All she needs to do is ask hims a few questions about the time he saved a woman and her two children when her husband fell over board on a boat because he was drunk. Elizabeth doesn't get the same reaction from Gabe that she expected. Most of her other "hero's" were okay with talking about it, but Gabe just sort of shrugs it off. And Gabe is so used to women throwing themselves at him that he never expected for Elizabeth Parks to just ignore his charms. These two start to build a relationship and soon Gabe realizes he's head over heels for Lizzy, but he has to figure out a way to make her stay with him and not run off again.

This book was a lot of fun to read. I really enjoyed Gabe and Lizzy together especially at the end. But I did hate how Gabe treated her in the beginning I thought he was kind of a shallow jerk, but he seriously made up for it. And Lizzy was a sweet woman, with a lot of spirit in her. Over all the book was good, and I really enjoyed it! I look forward to more in this series as well.