Fire on Ice by Dakota Madison

Fire on Ice - Dakota Madison

Fire on Ice is about Kian a professional hockey play from the wrong side of the tracks, meeting Taylor a smart nerd who has been hurt by a hockey player before. They meet and there is an instant connection. Now all Kian wants to do is be with Taylor, and Taylor isn't so sure she should be with him because of her past. 

I have to be honest I didn't really like this book. I think the over all idea was good, but I just felt it was lacking some how.

1) I didn't like how towards the second half of the book it seemed almost like Kian changed a little bit. It was like he was a little bit of a pansy. I hate to say that, but it was how I saw him. He kept doubting being good enough for Taylor. And he even cried a few times. I was just frustrated with him.

2) The whole situation with the creepy guy that Taylor meets at her sister's theater part felt forced. Like it was added last minute to up the drama in the book.

3) I can not stand how it ended. There will be a second book. But I felt there was no real conclusion, and almost no point to this story. 

And lastly I just didn't connect with either character. I just felt there wasn't really a whole lot of back round information about them. So I won't be reading the next book.