Rush Me by Allison Parr

Rush Me - Allison Parr

Rush Me has extremely nutty characters. It was super funny, fun, and had lots of drama with romance. 

It's about this girl Rachael accidentally going into the wrong party. But while she's there she ends up meeting some pro football players, and one of them is a beautiful man that she has an instant attraction to. But he doesn't seem to like her, and she realizes that once he speaks she doesn't really like him either. But the next day she goes back to get her scarf, and low and behold she ends up making friends with some other football players that are friends of Ryan, the beautiful man.
From that point on, Ryan and Rachael are thrown together when she starts to meet up with the others players to hang out. And things start to progress with Ryan from a hate relationship to an actual relationship. 

I really liked this book, but I felt like parts of it where slightly boring, and made not a whole lot of sense in the book. So that's why overall it was okay. It's something that made me have a nice laugh for a while, and it didn't have a whole lot of angst or anything. And it does have an happily ever after!