Fastball V.K. Sykes

Fastball  - V.K. Sykes

Fastball was a really interesting read. I thought it was okay. It wasn't something that I would want to read more than once, but it did have a nice story line. 
It has lots of baseball, romance, and drama to keep you occupied. And most of the character's were very interesting, and I enjoyed them greatly. 

The only thing I didn't like about this book was Maddie. I liked her at certain points but other wise I thought she was a complete idiot. I mean really through the whole first half of the book, she doesn't know what to do about Jake, and she has to be told basically the same thing twice from two different people before she actually lets her self have a relationship with him. I thought that was just ridiculous. Then towards the end I truly hated her guts, I couldn't believe she was going to treat Jake like that. I really felt sorry for him because of the things she did, and they just led her to getting into even more trouble. She should have just listened to Jake to begin with, and not been such a "jerk" about it all. 

I really loved Jake though. I enjoyed reading the book through his point of view, and I loved how he was willing to help his friends in a time of need. I also loved the fact that he knew he wanted Maddie, and he wasn't going to let anything get in the way of that. He was truly an awesome alpha male, that just went after something he wanted, and it made the book worth reading because of it. I do recommend this book, it was a fun read.