Stealing Home by Jennifer Seasons

Stealing Home  - Jennifer Seasons

I just recently heard about this book and was very intrigued by it. So I started reading it asap! And I was not disappointed. It was good. 
It starts out with Lorelei needing money to save her niece so she makes a deal with a baseball players ex-wife to steal his good luck charm for enough money to help her niece. The plan is simple enough, but when Lorelei meets Mark, things start to get very complicated. 
I did like this book, however there are several things that very much bugged me about it. It felt somewhat dumb that Lorelei wouldn't admit to why she stole the good luck charm in the first place once she got caught. That made me so mad at her, and not like her at all when I was reading those parts of the book. Otherwise I did enjoy the book. But I have to say it wasn't anything that will want to keep reading about, it was something quick and easy just to pass the time. And I really didn't have a whole lot to say about the book, so I will stop here for now. For a short read to just pass the time, it was interesting.