The Final Score by L.M. Trio

The Game Changer: The Final Score - L.M. Trio

This story continues with Luke being released from prison early. We get to see his perspective on how life was like while in prison. It was really hard for him. And he never stopped loving JJ. 

Meanwhile JJ is trying her hardest to forget about Luke. It hurts to much to think about everything that happened. She's in college now, and her painting career is taking off. JJ doesn't ever talk to anyone about Luke, but ever now and then Deanna and Mikey may give her a few updates. But most of the time that is topic that is not talked about. 

While we get to see Luke get released and try his hardest to get JJ back. We also get to take a look at Mikey and Deanna's relationship progressing. Or at times regressing. Those to give me a headache. They were so much worse than Luke, and JJ. At least Luke and JJ had a major reason for not being together like Luke going to prison. Mikey and Deanna just drove me nuts, I felt like they were both cowards, and I wasn't impressed with there small parts at all. 

However what made the book good was actually JJ and Luke. When they finally got a chance to see each other again, they didn't play games. Which was so refreshing. They just actually talked about everything, and then took time to work on their relationship. It wasn't something that was long and drawn out, it was sweet, and intimate. I really enjoyed seeing there story. And the ending epilogue was awesome. We get to see five years into the future, and I loved it. I do recommend this book, and the first one. So Overall I would say the book was okay.