Fantasy Football by Jennifer LoGalbo

Fantasy Football - Jennifer LoGalbo, Sharyn P

Fantasy Football is a hilarious Young Adult short read! I truly loved this book! Parker has this awesome "I won't take shit" attitude. She's had it somewhat hard the last few years, with her father passing away, and her mother not really being the greatest mom in the world, and to top it all off girls at school treat her really badly. So Parker gets this attitude and decides she's not going to put up with their crap, and she dishes out as much as she gets. I really loved it when the three jocks started hanging out with Parker, and her best friend. It was really cool to see how they formed a new group together. Also in the end I love who Parker gets to be with, but I won't ruin that by mentioning more however it wasn't who I had originally thought it would be. I would like to read more about Parker and her friends, but I'm not sure if the book continues to second one or not, I will be trying to find out. The ending left it somewhat open, like maybe there could be more, or maybe not. Overall this book is a 4 out of 5 Stars!!