Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Walking Disaster: A Novel - Jamie McGuire

Walking Disaster is basically Beautiful Disaster all over again but in Travis' point of view. However there are a lot of differences as well. 
For one we get to see how Travis was when he was little, when his mother died. Then we get to see a lot of stuff between his dad, and brothers. Which I love love love the Maddox brothers, they are so awesome! 
Then we see everything from Travis' point of view of course, but you get to see more of Shepley, and a different side to America as well. 
Then of course the Epilogue, which was truly amazing. I couldn't believe we got to see them later on in life, that made the book so much better.
The only thing that bugged me was reading about how Abby acted sometimes. I mean you get to see Travis' bad side in Beautiful Disaster, but in this one you seriously get to see Abby's bad side, and man I seriously wanted to hate her at times. But I really do like Abby, and this book just proves how perfect Abby and Travis are for each other. 
I really love this series, and I hope to see more of Travis and Abby, and I also hope to see more of the Maddox brothers!