The Devil's Eyes by Jennifer Loren

The Devil's Eyes - Jennifer Loren

This book starts out with Kayla going on a very dangerous mission to get revenge for her sister committing suicide. But it seems all of her plans don't go so well when she finally reunites with Nick. Things start to heat up for both of them, and Kayla soon learns things aren't always as they seemed to be. 

I loved Kayla throughout this whole book, she has strength, courage, and heart. She is an awesome character who wasn't afraid to put her life on the line for the people she loved, and she also wasn't afraid to get her hands "dirty" either to defend those people as well. 
This book is not your typical romance, it is intense, and very dark. It also has a lot of twists, I couldn't never predict what would happen next because it would always surprise me. 

The side characters are also very strong. You get to see different relationships forming on the side too, along with the main story line. 
There is a lot of funny times too. I thought Kayla was hilarious, lots of the things she said had me in stitches throughout the book. The book was also not very fast paced, but it wasn't so slow that I got bored with it. There was always something exciting happening to look forward to. I very much recommend this book, and I can not wait to read the next one.